If your brand isn’t using social media video, 2018 may be the time to start.

By 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. A large portion of which will come from social media platforms. Video marketing is here.

One of the fastest growing video formats on social media platforms is live video.

According to Facebook, users watch Facebook Live videos for 3x longer than videos that aren’t live. Additionally, viewers write over 10x the number of comments. And although the video format is still in its infancy, several brands have already experienced viral success on Facebook Live.

Whether you’re considering experimenting with traditional video or live video in 2018, odds are that you’ll be rewarded for your video marketing efforts.

In one survey, 7 in 10 people said that they viewed brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.

Beyond just creating video content, many marketers are planning on capitalizing on the growing demand for video by investing in online video advertising, which already accounts for 28% of digital display ad spending.

  • What are the real benefits of video regarding your online marketing campaign?
  • What is it that draws people to product videos online when they are searching for content or information?
  • Why is video the most powerful marketing tool on the web?


Video is more persuasive. Eighty percent of people say that video is the number one reason they decide to purchase a product after viewing product videos. This is due to the emotional and personal connection videos can have with the viewer, as opposed to one-dimensional text alone. It is important to note that text with video is highly effective. It serves to illustrate what has been said.

Video builds trust and credibility. One thing about online marketing and sales that we lost from the real world is that it’s harder to build trust among potential customers. Unlike the old days when you could shake the hand of a salesman and look them in the eyes, the online realm deals with a faceless name and company. Unless the CEO is highly visible (as is the case with some bigger companies), you only have the face of the website to keep you warm at night. So how do you break through this barrier and form a personal relationship with customers? You do it with video. Video makes it personal. This allows an essential bond to form between the viewer and creator.

Videos are search engine-friendly. SEO happens for a number of reasons; good choice of keywords, great descriptions, and video. Yes, video shows the search engines (especially Google) that activity is taking place on your website and it also looks for links back to your page. Video serves as one of those links, as well as illustrates that people are engaging in your message. These actions boost your page ranking in Google and creates more relevance within the searches, resulting in higher rankings.

Video improves email marketing campaigns: By inserting product video links into the emails which go to your leads list, you increase interest in your brand and products. You offer customers a different and unique experience. Remember, viewers are accustomed to watching videos at this day and age.


If you use video consistently and professionally, you may see the following results over a period of time:

  • Double Time-On-Page
  • 3x More Natural Inbound Links
  • 200-300% More Unique Monthly Site Visits
  • 41% Higher Click-Through Rates from Search

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to video popularity with viewers; it increases their time on page, creates natural links back to your site, and appeals to customers “where they live.” In addition, it is one of the most effective ways to appeal to viewers in a personal manner. This leads to an increased chance of turning your viewer into a paying customer.

Video marketing ranks right up there with Voice Search as a Design Lab 10 predicted Digital Marketing Trend for 2018.