The voice of the consumer has the power to influence your brand’s reputation – so it’s time to start listening. Online reviews play an important factor in search results.

Today, a prospective customer’s search for your company’s products or services starts online, and with 77% of consumers reading reviews before purchasing, you can’t afford to neglect the importance of customer reviews. Online reviews are playing an increasingly important role in the customer decision journey for everyday items.

The growing ubiquity of smartphones is one of the biggest contributors to the continuing increase in searches for online reviews. 77% of shoppers use a mobile device while shopping in-store. So now when a consumer is confronted with a variety of products on a store shelf, they simply turn to their phone to help make the decision less overwhelming.


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And consumers are not just searching for reviews, they’re listening to them. 45% of people who buy online admit that reviews influence their purchasing decisions.
So although the process of asking a customer to review your product may seem like a hassle, not investing the time in collecting this information could be costing your business sales.

If you are eager to start collecting reviews, here are a few tips:

  • Nail the subject line with a direct message
  • Make sure the link to the review website stands out in the email

Inform them how long it will take to leave a review. These small actions can have a huge impact on your sales and customer relationships.

In 2018, collecting online reviews should be a top priority for every marketer, because this type of information plays a critical part in the consumer decision journey. Online reviews should be an important piece in your SEO strategy. AND, given the increase in voice search, you should consider optimizing your website for that marketing trend.