QR Code Comeback – Digital Marketing Trend for 2018

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Those funny QR codes make a comeback (with a social media twist).  This fall, This fall, Apple snuck an unexpected update into its newly released iOS 11: a native QR code reader. (Remember QR codes from the [...]

Goodbye Free Reach – Digital Marketing Trend for 2018

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Goodbye free reach on social media (for real).  For years, companies’ organic reach on Facebook (the percentage of their followers who see company updates that aren’t “boosted” with ad money) has been dwindling, dipping as [...]

Online Reviews – Digital Marketing Trend for 2018

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The voice of the consumer has the power to influence your brand's reputation - so it’s time to start listening. Online reviews play an important factor in search results. Today, a prospective customer’s search for your company’s [...]

Video Marketing – Digital Marketing Trend for 2018

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If your brand isn't using social media video, 2018 may be the time to start. By 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. A large portion of which will come from social media [...]

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