Dana Whitney
Dana WhitneyOwner & Designer

About Design Lab 10

Founded in 2010, Design Lab 10 is the result of experiences in business, marketing and design. Founder Dana Whitney started in property management and real estate and had a strong emphasis on marketing. With a knack for knowing what works and creative abilities, she worked for years as a virtual assistant – promoting, marketing and managing other people’s businesses from afar.

From that experience, came a true appreciation for specialization in marketing, advertising and designing for business success – creating intelligent design. There is a science behind success, and everything you do changes the result. Dana’s attention to detail and understanding of the core goals of a business’ needs has set the foundation for the core beliefs of Design Lab 10.

Dana attained a Master’s Certificate in Graphic Design from Sessions College of Design with an emphasis on Corporate Branding and Web Design. She stays ahead of current trends and studies social media. We are here to assist clients with their identity, social media, print & web design needs. It is our belief that success is a complete package.


Design Lab 10 creates intelligent designs that reflect the integrity and quality of your company. You work hard, so should your visual design.
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