Everyone has a choice to be more environmentally responsible. Recycling, using energy efficient appliances and equipment, turning the lights off when you’re not using them…these are all common choices that make a big difference.

Design Lab 10 has a made a choice to take it a few steps further. We now host our site (and provide hosting to our clients) on servers that are 300% wind powered (the remaining 200% is sold back to the power company), we equip sites with a stand-by engine (reducing energy used by monitors) and we offer a printing alternative that PDF’s blogs and sites and emails the information (instead of wasting paper and your customers’ ink). Additionally, most designers work from home and do not contribute to the pollution resulting from commuting.

Design Lab 10 offers a variety of EcoSmartSite hosting packages. From basic set-it-and-forget-it packages, to managed hosting packages that include monthly website updates and security upgrades. If we don’t have a hosting package that fits your needs, we’ll customize one just for you. Reliable, 99% up-time hosting utilizing top-of-the-line technology with boutique service and pricing. You can’t go wrong…environmentally conscious hosting to serve your every need.