300% Wind-Powered Website Hosting

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Everyone has a choice to be more environmentally responsible. Recycling, using energy efficient appliances and equipment, turning the lights off when you’re not using them…these are all common choices that make a big difference. Design Lab 10 has a made a choice to take it a few steps further. We now host our site (and provide [...]

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Automatic Internet Explorer Upgrades in 2012

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Internet Explorer has been a staple of many users since it’s often the stock browser that most PC’s are shipped with, much to web designers’ and developers’ dismay.  The complications involved in designing for a dinosaur of a web browser and ensuring relatively standard cross-browser results has created extra work and in many cases, eliminated the [...]

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Link Your Facebook Employer to Your Fan Page

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After launching Design Lab 10, and having an appreciation for the value of social media networking and marketing, I quickly created a Fan Page on Facebook. I then went back to my personal profile and input my company as my employer (partially because I am a stickler for detail, but mostly to take advantage of one [...]

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