QR Code Comeback – Digital Marketing Trend for 2018

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Those funny QR codes make a comeback (with a social media twist).  This fall, This fall, Apple snuck an unexpected update into its newly released iOS 11: a native QR code reader. (Remember QR codes from the ‘00s, when they were supposed to be the next big thing?) Now, all you have to do is point your iPhone [...]

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Marathon Training Spreadsheet

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If you would like a copy of the marathon training spreadsheet that I created, please click here. The numbers and training schedule are based on Jeff Galloway’s marathon training schedule.  It’s worked out pretty well for me (though I always run 60 min, never 30 and I cross-train for an hour on cross-training days).  I’m up to [...]

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Automatic Internet Explorer Upgrades in 2012

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Internet Explorer has been a staple of many users since it’s often the stock browser that most PC’s are shipped with, much to web designers’ and developers’ dismay.  The complications involved in designing for a dinosaur of a web browser and ensuring relatively standard cross-browser results has created extra work and in many cases, eliminated the [...]

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How is technology affecting your shopping this season?

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Retail stores are really stepping it up this year and taking full advantage of technology.  But are consumers taking advantage of the information and discounts available? Mannequins are holding QR codes in stores offering specials and discounts…QR codes are displayed randomly throughout malls…Store-fronts have signs asking their customers to “check in” using foursquare and Facebook Places [...]

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Charitable Contributions – Make A Difference

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Does your company make charitable contributions or give back to the community? Kinds of Charitable Donations Charitable donations come in many forms. Cash donations are the most common but donations of time, skill and items are also much needed. You can donate clothes, food, water and tents to disaster relief operations. Many charities accept used clothing, [...]

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QR Codes: What are they and what do they do?

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Have you heard of QR codes or QR Code Readers (or the mobile apps that read them)?  Maybe you’ve just seen some weird looking images start popping up in magazine advertisements, t-shirts, flyers or posters? Whatever the case, if you’ve wondered what they are and why you’ve started to see them, read on! QR (stands for Quick [...]

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