Automatic Internet Explorer Upgrades in 2012

Internet Explorer has been a staple of many users since it’s often the stock browser that most PC’s are shipped with, much to web designers’ and developers’ dismay.  The complications involved in designing for a dinosaur of a web browser and ensuring relatively standard cross-browser results has created extra work and in many cases, eliminated the ability to design for the future.

Some companies that have a new website designed (or redesigned) have been limited based on what their average website visitor uses for a browser.  It has really held up the forward motion of web design and cross-browser / cross-platform functionality.  With the percentage of tablets and smart phones accounting for such a large portion of website visitors, it’s a shame not to bring the two opposite ends of the spectrum closer together.

In addition to website functionality, there is also a major security risk involved in using an older browser.

If you would prefer a non-technical analogy, imagine having to teach a group of people that range from kindergarten to high school.  The teacher has to ensure that everyone understands, so the high school students would be vastly unchallenged and their hungry little brains would be under-utilized.  At the same time, while the middle group could take advantage of some or most of the lesson, many of the kindergarten students would simply be left behind (that’s IE6).

Internet Explorer has so many versions and has such a wide range of capabilities (or lack of) that it has really held things up.  Some of that blame lies with corporations using out-of-date proprietary software that works best when playing in the sandbox, some of that blame lies with under-educated users not knowing that they should be updating to newer versions, and much of that blame lies with IE not making the updates more user friendly and automatic.  Until now…

Microsoft will begin to automatically update its Internet Explorer browser starting in 2012. The upgrade will come together with the automatic Windows update if it’s enabled.  According to Microsoft the reason for this change is security as the newer versions of IE have proven to deliver consistent security improvements.

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Fast Solutions To Drive Traffic to Your Website

SEO and Website Traffic

Website traffic is for many business models, the key to profits. The more traffic you have, the bigger your bottom line. Whether you’re launching a new product or just want a quick influx of cash, sometimes you need tons of traffic quickly. Here are 5 fast solutions to drive traffic to your website.

#1 Social media.

Social media works quickly and if you have a large following on any of the social media sites, you can generate a ton of traffic to your website quickly. The key is to create attention grabbing posts that arouse curiosity, make people laugh or stir up a controversy. You want to generate click throughs to your website.

Make the most of your social networking tactics and use technology to get the job done. For example, one StumbleUpon post can be integrated with both Facebook and Twitter profiles so you’re making waves on all three social sites at once.

#2 Article marketing.

Article marketing works well when you concentrate your efforts on quality article marketing sites with large audiences. One well written and informative article, rewritten a few times, and submitted to a handful of directories can generate the traffic you’re looking for. Be sure to include a bio box that includes a call to action and a link to your website to motivate click-throughs.

#3 Blogging.

Post on your own blog or be a guest blogger on a blog with a large number of subscribers. Like social networking, if you offer an informative, controversial or entertaining post, you’ll have people clicking through to your website like mad. Of course, if you also promote this wonderful blog post(s) via social media, you can double your traffic results.

#4 Video content.

It’s amazing how quickly a video can go viral. Like print content, videos that entertain, stir up a bit of controversy or offer tremendous value cause a buzz. They’re forwarded to friends and downloaded on laptops and mobile devices around the globe. A good video can generate all the traffic you need. Again, integrate a bit of social media to promote your video, blog about it too, and you can multiply your traffic results.

#5 Partnerships.

Partnering with a relevant or compatible business can work quite well to generate traffic fast. The key is to come up with a mutually beneficial agreement. Find people in your industry that are willing to work with you and help each other drive traffic. A partnership may include guest blogging on each other’s sites, swapping advertisements or even promoting one another in your ezine.

It’s possible to drive a ton of traffic to your website fast. The trick is to have a plan in place, know your audience and your goals, and take action. To your success!